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Community Garden Towers /Food Security Program 2024

With Partnership from The Usana Foundation ( Social Media Tag-  @usanafoundation_) with the Support of Councillor Cindy Gilroy Social Media Tag @CindyGilroy ) and Ray from Ron Paul’s Garden Centre @RonPaulGardenCentre

We are Bringing 40 Garden Towers Into Winnipeg Communities

Special Thank you to Women’s Empowerment Outreach Board Member Deanna Waters

Manitoba’s planting zones vary significantly due to its vast size and diverse climate. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  • Zone 1b: Found in the far northern regions of Manitoba.
  • Zone 2: Covers much of the northern and central parts of the province.
  • Zone 3: Includes central and southern Manitoba.
  • Zone 4a: Found in the southernmost regions, with a small area falling into this category.

Winnipeg, the capital city, is specifically in Zone 3a, characterized by cold temperature extremes reaching -40°F. This means that plants rated for Hardiness Zones 3a or lower can thrive in Winnipeg’s climate.


What is a USANA Garden Tower?

A USANA Garden Tower is a simple, powerful solution that provides sustainable, nutritious food for people all over the world. Made from a long-lasting, durable material, each tower can hold up to 120 plants and be harvested for many years.

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